Benefits of Early Treatment

You can start orthodontic treatment in Owens Cross Roads whenever you want, right? Technically, yes, but there are several benefits of early orthodontic treatment. Our Knapp Orthodontics team wants to give you all the info you need. That way, you can consult with Dr. Knapp and make the best decision for you and your family.

When to Start? The Magic Number

Are you thinking about orthodontics for your little ones? Curious about when to start their treatment? The American Association of Orthodontists and Dr. Knapp agree the magic number is seven. That’s right, by age seven, it’s time for their first orthodontic visit.

Now, you might be thinking, “Seven? Isn’t that a bit early?” But here’s why: kids have both baby and adult teeth at this age. It’s the perfect time for Dr. Knapp to peek into the future of their smiles. Early treatment lets the doctor spot little issues before they become bigger problems.

Just because you come into our Owens Cross Roads office doesn’t mean we’ll rush your little one into braces. Your child might not need an orthodontic appliance at all. Early check-ups help us confirm that your child’s jaw and teeth align as they should. Best of all, the consultations are free!

Why Early? Let’s Count the Ways

We’ve covered when to start orthodontics treatment (keep the magic number in mind!). But what are the specific benefits of having Dr. Knapp start so early? 

Easier Corrections

Detecting problems earlier means fixing them more easily. Kids’ jaws are more cooperative to treatment or early intervention than grown-up jaws. So correcting issues like misalignments (teeth out of proper position) or malocclusions (bad bites) is simpler. Adult jaws and teeth are more “set in their ways,” which makes them harder to treat.

Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to wear braces forever, right? Starting early can often mean shorter treatment times. Think of it like doing some homework consistently each night. That way, you’re not cramming for the test at the last minute. Early treatment can simplify future orthodontic work. It makes your child’s trek to straight teeth quicker and smoother.

Dodging Future Curveballs

Consider an early orthodontic consultation and treatment as your dental insurance policy. It helps prevent more severe problems down the road that could end up costing significantly more. Overcrowded teeth? Crossbites? These can be tricky to tackle later on. Early treatment is an investment in the future of your child’s smile. Who doesn’t want that kind of ROI?

Benefits of Early Treatment

A Stitch in Time: Real Examples from Knapp Orthodontics

Picture this: little Timmy, eight years old, walks in with a shy smile. A couple of Timmy’s teeth are not where they ought to be. He could likely benefit from Dr. Knapp’s expertise. Thanks to early intervention, Timmy’s teeth are lined up like soldiers at attention. Now, Timmy’s smile is as bright as a holiday star.

Then imagine Emma. She’s nine years old and has a “crossbite.” In a crossbite, the top teeth fit inside the bottom teeth. How might Dr. Knapp help a kid like Emma? Early intervention and fitting with an appliance that was best for her. 

What If We Wait? A Cautionary Tale

Are there risks associated with not getting your child treatment at age seven? Is it really as crucial as we’re making it out to be? Sometimes, the best way to illustrate it is with a visual aid.

Imagine a garden. What happens if you just let anything grow without tending it? If you let the weeds grow too long, they start to crowd out the flowers. Teeth can be similar. Delaying treatment can lead to bad bites. Bad bites are harder to clean and more prone to cavities. More complex issues can also develop. Complicated problems require more complicated solutions and more involved treatments. Early maintenance is always easier than later repair. 

But here’s the good news: this is totally avoidable! By starting early, Dr. Knapp can nip potential problems in the bud. Our team can keep your child’s smile journey smooth and their future bright. As a parent, all you have to do is take action at the right time – because in orthodontics, timing is everything!

But What About Me? Treatment for All Ages

We’ve covered kids. But what about grown-ups? One question our Knapp Orthodontics team often hears is, “Is it too late for me to get orthodontic treatment?” Spoiler alert: It’s never too late! Everyone deserves a show-stopping smile, regardless of how old they are.

Think you or your family have missed the boat? Think again! Are you the parent of a teen who’s all about trends? Maybe you’re an adult juggling a million different responsibilities. Or, maybe you’re a senior in the prime of your life. No matter how old you are, Knapp Orthodontics can help. Our toolbox includes something for every smile, no matter how many times it has gone around the sun.

Remember, your smile is timeless, as are the possibilities to enhance it. Dr. Knapp’s expertise isn’t just for kids. It’s for anyone ready to take their smile to the next level. So, whether you’re 15 or 50, it’s your time to shine. 

Benefits of Early Treatment


The Knapp Orthodontics Approach

At Knapp Orthodontics, early treatment is more than merely realigning teeth. We create foundations for lifelong smiles. Dr. Knapp’s approach is like a master chef’s recipe – precise, thoughtful, and tailored to each of our guests. 

We use the latest orthodontic technology, from 3D imaging to gentle, effective appliances. Our appliances include Spark and Invisalign clear aligners, ceramic (clear) braces, and metal braces. Our team has seen these treatments prove useful for patients of all ages. There’s no single, universal treatment for everyone. In our office, you’ll get a customized plan just for you. 

Go here to schedule an appointment in our awesome Owens Cross Roads office. Dr. Knapp and the rest of our Knapp Orthodontics team can’t wait to meet you!