Orthognathic Surgery

At Knapp Orthodontics, Dr. Knapp works with oral surgeons to help us position your jaws and bite correctly.

About Surgical Orthodontics

Sometimes, Dr. Knapp cannot fix your bite with braces or clear aligners alone. The issue is often that the bone underneath the teeth does not grow in a favorable way.

Unfortunately, we aren’t in the business of making jaws grow, so we use the help of an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon will help us position the jaws for the bite to fit correctly.

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How Does This Process Work?

Prior to beginning orthodontic treatment at Knapp Orthodontics, we will often send you to the oral surgeon to discuss your case.

The surgeon will discuss the surgery and the cost of the treatment as well as look into what your health insurance will help pay for.

Once the surgeon and Dr. Knapp are on the same page, we will get started with your orthodontic treatment. It will take around 12 months of orthodontic treatment to get ready for surgery.

After around 12 months of treatment, we will send you to the oral surgeon to perform the surgery (braces will remain on during and after the surgery).

After the surgery, you will recover and then return to us to touch up the teeth and bite for an additional six months.

How Do I Know If I Need Surgery?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation regarding whether surgery would be a good fit for you.