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Orthodontics for All Ages

At Knapp Orthodontics, there’s no age limit when it comes to a stunning, healthy smile.

We’re proud to serve patients of all ages in and around Huntsville, and we can’t wait to get started on your smile — no matter how long you’ve had it!

Orthodontics for Everybody

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Other Treatments from Knapp Orthodontics

Cosmetic & Prosthetic Orthodontics

Not all teeth are created equal in size or shape. In fact, oftentimes, the lateral incisors (the teeth on either side of the two top front teeth) are oftentimes different sizes or too small.

Depending on the bite, Dr. Knapp can either leave them like this or have the dentist make them bigger or more symmetrical. If this is the case, we‘ll work with your dentist to prepare you for veneers, crowns, or build-ups.

Other times, teeth are missing and need to be replaced with an implant, bridge or partial denture. We’ll work with your dentist and surgeon to prepare you for the implant and ensure that the bite and space created are appropriate.

We want nothing more than for you to love your smile and be happy with the results.

Palatal Expanders

Dr. Knapp uses palatal expanders regularly to address narrow upper jaws. By using an expander, we can correct crossbites (where the top teeth are on the inside of the bottom teeth) and create extra space/room for the adult teeth to fit in the mouth.

Child patients with thumb-sucking habits or mouth breathers often have narrow palates that need expansion at an early age. Expanding an upper jaw becomes nearly impossible in an older teenager/adult after the bones fully fuse together.

Dr. Knapp will widen the expander for about a month and then leave the appliance in the mouth for about six months. This allows the bone to heal and prevents the upper jaw from becoming narrow again.

Space Maintainers

If some baby teeth are taken out too early, it can sometimes result in losing space for the adult teeth.

In order to prevent that from happening, Dr. Knapp will place a space maintainer to help hold the space and allow all of the adult teeth to come into the mouth.

Sometimes we’ll use them to also begin fixing the way the back teeth bite together.

Cleft Palate/Lip

Cleft palate/lip involves the communication and coordination of a large team of specialists. These cases are often difficult and involve many years of treatment and planning.

An orthodontist like Dr. Knapp, with the help of an oral surgeon, pediatric or general dentist, plastic surgeon, and speech therapist, all work together to provide an outstanding result.

Temporomandibular Joint Treatment (TMJ / TMD)

If you have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) Dr. Knapp can evaluate your bite and help you evaluate whether orthodontics has the potential to improve your bite and potentially address some of your pain.

There’s never a guarantee that orthodontics will fix TMD. If the pain is severe, it may be best not to begin orthodontic treatment until the pain is under control.