Can Braces Correct Overbites and Underbites?

Are you navigating the complexities of an overbite or underbite and wondering if there’s a solution? Have you had sleepless nights worrying about your family’s alignment issues, asking yourself the question, “Can braces correct overbite and underbites?” while staring at the ceiling? Don’t worry. Knapp Orthodontics is here to put your concerns to rest and illuminate the path to a healthier, more confident smile.

Can Braces Correct Overbites and Underbites?

Overbite Vs. Underbite: Defining The Styles

In orthodontics, like in fashion, understanding the nuances between different styles is critical to crafting the perfect look—or, in this case, the perfect smile. Just as a tailor discerns between a classic fit and a modern silhouette, we distinguish between two common dental misalignments, also known as malocclusions: overbites and underbites.

  • Overbite: Imagine an overbite as an oversized coat that drapes too far over your trousers. In dental terms, it’s when the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth. This “oversized” alignment can lead to a shadow over your lower smile, much like a coat that doesn’t quite fit, overshadowing the outfit beneath.
  • Underbite: Conversely, an underbite is like trousers that are too long, spilling out in front of your shoes. This misalignment occurs when the lower teeth protrude past the upper teeth, leading to a prominent lower jaw. 

Both styles, overbites and underbites, present unique challenges in dental aesthetics and function. Just as a tailor would assess and alter your attire for the perfect fit, orthodontic treatments like braces are designed to change your teeth alignment, ensuring your smile is as flattering and functional as a well-fitting custom suit.

Can Braces Correct Overbites and Underbites?

Braces Are Expert Tailors

Have you ever watched Project Runway? If you have, you have seen the contestants custom-fit their garments for the models. A good fit is so crucial; if the model can’t walk, move their arms, or turn their head, they’re likely to be uncomfortable, and the everyday woman wouldn’t be able to perform her daily tasks very well. An outfit that fits is comfortable and functional.

How does this relate to braces? Well, your smile should also be comfortable and functional, and our orthodontist, Dr. Knapp, is the designer who can help. After Dr. Knapp designs your smile, every aspect needs to fit flawlessly. On Project Runway, designers are their own tailors. At Knapp Orthodontics, Dr. Knapp uses braces to skillfully adjust your teeth and jaw into their ideal positions for a flattering smile and working bite. 

How Do Braces Work

Let’s get a little more specific about how fixed and removable braces work to fix misaligned teeth. 

Braces work by applying pressure to your teeth, but they’re not painfully shoving your teeth this way and that! They’re peacefully guiding your teeth to their new homes. They can do this thanks to bone remodeling, a process that occurs under the surface of your gums.

Imagine the bones in your jaw as the fabric of a suit, easily altered under the right conditions. Braces apply gentle, consistent pressure to your teeth, causing the bone around the teeth to break down and creating space for the teeth to move. On the other side of the tooth, bone is rebuilt to hold the teeth in place. 

Just as a tailor would sculpt a piece of fabric into a stunning garment, braces sculpt your smile, ensuring that overbites are elegantly corrected and underbites are meticulously adjusted.

Can Braces Correct Overbites and Underbites?

Choosing The Right Aesthetic: Types of Braces 

Selecting the correct type of braces is akin to choosing the perfect fabric for a custom-tailored gown. Each type offers benefits, like how different fabrics influence a garment’s look, feel, and durability. At Knapp Orthodontics, we understand the importance of this choice and offer various options to ensure your treatment is as unique as you.

Traditional Metal Braces

These are the classic choice, much like a timeless wool suit. Durable and reliable, metal braces are the standard in orthodontic care, capable of correcting a wide range of malocclusions (not just overbites and underbites) with spectacular, showstopping precision. The option of gold or silver brackets allows for a touch of personal style, letting you add a bit of flair to your orthodontic journey. You can also choose the color of your ligatures (the elastics that hold the wire to the bracket).

Clear Braces

For those seeking a more understated elegance, clear braces are the equivalent of a fine silk suit. They offer the same effectiveness as their metal counterparts but with a subtler appearance. The ceramic material blends with the color of your teeth, making your orthodontic treatment less noticeable while still achieving the desired results.

Clear Aligners

The ultimate in custom fit and discretion, clear aligners are like the tailored dress designed to be noticed for all the right reasons. These Spark and Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, offering an aesthetic advantage. They can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, providing a convenience unmatched by traditional braces. Whether you’re correcting an overbite, underbite, or another alignment issue, clear aligners mold to your lifestyle as seamlessly as a custom gown fits your form.

At Knapp Orthodontics, we’re here to help you select the “fabric” that best suits your orthodontic needs, lifestyle, and personal taste, ensuring your path to a perfect smile is as comfortable and effective as possible.

Visit Knapp Orthodontics To Design Your One-Of-A-Kind Smile!

We wish we could tell you to take a BuzzFeed quiz to determine what kind of malocclusion you have and what treatment would be best (it certainly would take some paperwork off our hands!), but that’s not the case. (Also, we’re just kidding. We love the paperwork and getting to know you and your family every step of the way.) The only way to create your stunning smile with impeccably straight teeth is to see us for a complimentary smile consultation in Owens Cross Roads! At your appointment, we’ll discuss your needs, address your concerns, and show you a 3D model of what your new smile will look like when you’re done with treatment. 

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